Amazing Window Curtain Ideas

Bay window curtain ideas are thing which you need to know if you are one of people who old classic house. Perhaps some of you have not known about bay window before, you better to red it first. Bay window can be said as classic and unique window which is more used for European house. This window has uniqueness, it projects outward from the wall and it makes like there is bay in room. But because of this uniqueness, finding the right curtain for this window type can be said as not easy thing.

Bay Window Curtain And Blind Ideas

Alternative Bay Window Curtain Ideas

Something which makes bay window curtain is hard or difficult to be found, it is because it has unique shape for window, so it will need special rod for support curtain. Even there is no many enough bay window curtain, you can use normal curtain for living room. But you absolutely have to rods for it, you can use curtain which is hook less curtain type as your choice.

White Bay Window Curtain

For you who want to decorate bay window, using white lace curtain is one of casual and elegant choices which you can consider. It will obscure light perfectly and make soft illumination in your room; classic lace of curtain which you choose also will make your room looks amazing.

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20 Amazing Window Curtain Ideas Photos